97% Of Women Are “Incompetent” At This Sexual Skill

Well, that’s the statistic from an anonymous survey done by our friends over at Digital Romance, and they have quite a few huge following to survey from…

What is the sexual skill that men say women have no clue about?

Well, before the big reveal, let me just tease you with one more little fact:

Men secretly LOVE it, and most women think we don’t because most of the time (apparently 97% of the time), it just feels kind of annoying or flat-out hurts… 

Yes, I am talking about the hand-job.

And yes, even in my own surveys, it turns out that MOST men have a secret fantasy about a great hand-job, and most men go nuts for a great one… and most men would rather “take matters into their own hands,” than risk letting their partner do it.

It’s almost funny that nobody’s ever written about this before.

Check out Cassidy Lyon’s painfully (and kind of hilariously) embarrassing hand-job horror story, and learn how to give a man an experience that will truly ASTONISH him (really!).

Let’s just call it a “stroke of genius” ;)

For Passion,

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